Leadership Training

Mary Wolf Enterprises, LLC  brings to Sarasota a
dynamic and powerful business process guaranteed to make a
difference in your company AND bottom line

Why sit alone in your office trying to figure out
those business issues that baffle us all?  Join a Coaching Circle and take
advantage of what champions know works

GOAL:  To build new tools and techniques having immediate impact on revenue and your bottom line.

PROCESS:  Mary Wolf, Executive Coach and Consultant with 30 years of Fortune 100 and small business experience,  works with 3 – 4 non-competitive business people, meeting twice monthly for 3 hours each for 3 months.  The focus is on the critical and challenging issues that the group decides are its priorities.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Leaders, Business Owners, Executives, Managers…anyone in a business decision making capacity.

YOUR COMMITMENT:  100% attendance is required in order to meet and fulfil your obligation to the group

                INTRODUCTORY OFFER:   $1,500 for the first 4 who sign up!
*regular fees are $1,800